"Excellent voices, recognizable repertoire, good arrangements, well scripted ... a very appealing program ... I am pleased to recommend this entertaining program to other orchestras."
--Tim Watson
Director of Artistic Operations
Edmonton Symphony Orchestra

"This is an excellent show. The songs are classics, the arrangements for orchestra first-rate, and the performers polished and professional ... the combination of fine singing and exceptional performance material makes this a wonderful choice for a symphonic pops show."
David Hoyt, Resident Conductor, Edmonton Symphony Orchestra

"I've had the privilege of working with the Times Three trio twice now and have enjoyed the high quality of their work, and witnessed their enormous appeal with audiences and orchestra members alike. Amy, Kathy and Nan are strong soloists who form a polished, fresh trio with reverence for the music they sing, humor and spontaneity. Their recent performances with the Baltimore Symphony were highly successful and delighted the crowd of thousands who were in attendance. They'd be a welcome addition to any Symphony Pops series."
Lara Webber, Assistant Conductor, Baltimore Symphony Orchestra

"When Times Three appeared with the Lubbock Symphony as our featured soloists, they scored an instant hit with the audience and the orchestra. Singing with beautifully blended voices, with infectious energy, and backed by charts which were clear, fresh, and stylistically just right, Times Three was a wonderful pops attraction I'd recommend to any orchestra or presenter."
Andrews Sill, Music Director / Conductor, Lubbock Symphony Orchestra

"Times Three is a spectacular vocal performing group with outstanding arrangements and great stage presence. Their vocal blend and texture is amazing and their arrangements are first rate. Times Three projects great style and energy to their audience. This is a proven winning concert program that the audiences love!"
Judith Morse, Conductor, Edison Symphony Orchestra

"... pops music at its nostalgic best as well as a fitting and long-overdue tribute to (Earl) Mays, who is one of the world's most gifted and accomplished arrangers. I can think of no better way to introduce younger generations to the popular music of their forbearers and to prove to them that Grandma & Grandpa actually knew how to jump and jive too!"
Charleston Post and Courier

"The group is a unique combination in the symphonic pops world - one that does the close harmony work of a trio and still has the ability to feature all three singers in solo roles."
Edmonton Journal

"There is something really very special about these gals ... great ... golden"
Wally Harper

"Times Three presented a sensational concert with the Idaho Falls Symphony in 2003. Appearing on our Pops concert, they performed a selection of songs from the '40s that was a huge hit with our sold-out audience. The standing ovation was instantaneous, sustained and sincere. All three have tremendous vocal talent as well as tons of charm and audience appeal. Their approach to the show is refreshing and thoroughly professional. And they have a knack for working with people that is not always easy to find. I can't say enough good things about their performance and recommend them with great enthusiasm."
George Adams, Music Director / Conductor, Idaho Falls Symphony

"If you do nothing else during the Banff Arts Festival, go see and hear Times Three."
"Simply terrific"

The Banff Crag & Canyon

"Sophisticated Singing"
Marianas Variety News and Views

"Times Three blend close harmony, great energy... these women have a real flair for the material... Energetic, sincere and full of fond memories - the show suits the women who sing it."
"All busy with solo operatic careers, the trio of best friends have put aside their 'opera voices' and put together a heck of a show."
Edmonton Journal

"It's the timelessness of the songs"
Post Register (Idaho Falls)

"The audience was especially touched by the fact that the singers did research on the Edmonton locale during the second war and included letters and anecdotes from here as part of the show. Our feedback from those in attendance has been, without exception, positive and heartfelt."
David Hoyt, Resident Conductor, Edmonton Symphony Orchestra

"Excellent voices, recognizable repertoire, good arrangements, well scripted ... a very appealing program ... It is their intention to re-script the show and tailor the personal comments to each community where the program is presented. I am pleased to recommend this entertaining program to other orchestras."
Tim Watson, Director of Artistic Operations, Edmonton Symphony Orchestra

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